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  • Uh, Oh! ECM closes door. Official Email!

    Posted on April 22nd, 2011 imveritas No comments


    I hate to say it.

    I did call this one and then was not sure.

    This is definitely sure!

    Received this an hour ago.

    “Due to current circumstances Elite Clicks Media, LLC. will be closing operations, so effective immediately Elite Clicks Media, LLC. will no longer be running or accepting any affiliate traffic. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions please direct your inquires to Please submit your final invoices, if any, to Please note that final invoices must be submitted by April 30, 2011. Any invoices submitted after April 30, 2011 will not be considered for payment. Best, Managing Members Elite Clicks Media, LLC.”

    I know this will not be the last one this year.

    Affiliates should now examine their networks and offers like you would a speculative stock!

    I have much more to say on this and other topics.

    ‘Caveat Emptor’



  • Lie #2

    Posted on April 7th, 2011 imveritas No comments

    “It’s automated! Just sit back and the money rolls in.”

    I was going to do the next Lie on the “Lie of money”

    But, as I looked at more ads out there I see that “push-button-money-machines” are all the rage again and this topic feeds into the 1st.

    First of all. If, the software is that automated and comprehensive. It will cost you more than the average person has and even the mid-level affiliate. Think $5000 to $50000 and even more depending on the scale.

    Even, with the most advanced software to automate. There are many things that can happen or go wrong.

    Unless, you have a crack support team and scripts to check everything. Problems can come up and you not knowing about them. Costing you dearly.

    Again, who when they start. Can hire a team? Let alone some top monitoring and control software? The guy who just lost his job or the girl who wants to make a little more money and still go to school or raise a family? Not likely!

    Here is a list of things that can go wrong and if you are away can cost you. This list is not everything that CAN go wrong. So, that alone. Should tell you something:

    Server crash.
    Hosting issues.
    Ads are re-reviewed and declined.
    Offer changes landing page and does not notify network.
    Offer changes landing page and new pixel is not placed for tracking.
    Offer Changes landing page and violates TOS of traffic and your ads are stopped.
    Traffic source has an issue and sends traffic that does not convert.
    Traffic source turns on all targets when you have them paused.
    Traffic source does not send notification of system maintenance and your campaign runs un-controlled.
    Traffic source is in-accessible when you need to control traffic spend.
    Traffic source adds new traffic pub and you get traffic you never expected in amounts you never expected.
    Tracking system corrupts DB/collapses/hacked.
    Credit Card needs verification before billing is allowed because your card company has set a new alert limit and payment is declined or denied tell verified.
    Email company accuses you of spam and shuts down your account.
    Network drops offer with-out prior notice.
    Email sent from Network ends up in junk-box and you miss an alert that an offer is now dead.
    You cellphone is dead and you miss a text or email alerting you to one of the above issues.
    SERP changes algorithm and your ranking site is now at the bottom or somewhere people wont see.
    Your automated software attempts to connect but cant so your campaign runs un-managed.
    Google shuts down your gmail account.

    There are many many more.

    I’m sure a whole book could be written.

    You can have human and software ways to deal with each. The point is… If you walked away and didnt check or have someone competant to monitor. You could see your money slip away until some limit is met.

    So, the “making money on auto-pilot while you sleep/work/vacation” has some serious flaws with-out proper structure and support.

    Keep that in mind the next time you ‘drool’ over a “push-button-money-machine” and that is not even getting into technical and money aspects of affiliate marketing. I will cover those in later posts.

    Money can be made and keep this in mind: If it was “easy” everyone would be doing it.
    If you go to any affiliate event and poll the populace you will see a very interesting spread on who is trying, doing, succedding and thriving. It is a small percentage in the thriving more many reasons.

  • Lie #1

    Posted on April 6th, 2011 imveritas No comments




    Hmmm, let look closely at this.

    Even, if you have some of the most advanced automated software out there. Which costs thousands and since you are starting out or mid-level. That is outside your reach. That claim is greatly exaggerated. If, not fraud.

    I know of 3 different models for driving traffic.

    1. Paid Traffic.

    2. Free Traffic.

    3. JV or Joint Ventures.

    Each one of these takes time:

    Time to learn.

    Time to research.

    Time to implement.

    Time to monitor.

    Time to optimize.

    Now, ONCE you have been doing this for awhile (TIME) you CAN take some time away from the day-to-day tasks.

    I know people who check their campaigns and ski or travel, BUT that was AFTER much TIME put in to set-up and tweak AND if something goes wrong. It will take you more than just a few minutes to fix and if you do not catch it. The TIME could really add-up.

    So, if you are looking to have the life of beaches and ski trips.

    Get real.

    There is MUCH TIME you will have to spend before you get there and if you work multiply it by 4x-6x.

    Now, most people reading this have some experience and know this.

    This is for the brand new people that are lured by the “siren song” of ‘easy money and little time’

    If you really have a way that can really take only a few minutes a day, the average person can learn in the time frame they expect ( a few nights) and needs no previous Internet or computer experience. CONTACT ME:

    I would be very happy to be proven wrong and give your process or method or software the IMV thumbs up.

    Heck, Ill even pay you!

    Until that happens good readers. Keep your money in your pocket when you hear “that it takes only a few minutes a night to be a Internet millionaire or even a thousand-er” ;)


    trust no one

  • Stuggling in Internet Marketing? Maybe you were lied too!

    Posted on April 5th, 2011 imveritas No comments

    This will probably get me banned from many an Ad:Tech parties and Affiliate Summit, but I am sick and tired of the lies being told to people entering and who have been in the internet marketing space. Bookmark this spot because in the next 10days I am going to pull back the curtain and tell you ever little ‘sick’ secret that makes up this space. Why? because the more time and money people waste the more we are falling back and not moving forward as both a society and species.

    THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. if you accept that you are ignorant.


  • Lawsuit against 5 Penny Auctions

    Posted on March 29th, 2011 imveritas No comments

    If you run penny auctions you may want to keep an eye on this breaking story

    Lawsuit Filed Against 5 Big Penny Auctions Alleges Illegal Gambling

    March 28, 201

    A lawsuit against 5 big players in the penny auction industry was recently filed in Illinois. Entertainment Shopping, Inc. (Swoopo & oohilove), Bidcactus, BigDeal, Quibids and Beezid are listed as defendants. The complaint alleges that penny auctions break gambling laws in all 50 states.

    My only comment.

    Would be nice to see offers that are not getting sued with-in 6mnths of release?!

    NOTE:  this is from 2-2-11 with another case on 11-30-10. I got GAMED by Google Alert AND the information is still relevant :)


    Trust No One

  • FTC Steps Up Efforts Against Scams That Target Financially-Strapped Consumers

    Posted on March 12th, 2011 imveritas No comments

    If you have not seen this.

    FTC Steps Up Efforts Against Scams That Target Financially-Strapped Consumers

    and this video from the FTC on the subject. Check it out.

    FTC and Operation Empty Promises

    Wonder when someone will come up with a way to make money on the internet that doesn’t get the public or government pissed-off in the long run.

    Actually, there are many. Just doesn’t seem to be many in CPA industry.

    We collectively need to change this as an industry or we will see regulation that make CAN-SPAM  look quaint.

    There are way’s to make money and make all levels happy: Consumer, traffic source and government.

    We get paid to be creative NOT criminals!

    Increase the quality in the world NOT the noise :)


    Trust No One

  • Dump, dump, dump… Another one BITES the DUST!

    Posted on March 9th, 2011 imveritas No comments

    Well,  I am very sorry to say 2011 is NOT the year for affiliate networks.

    I have seen 2 Officially close. [yMultimedia & AdEngage]

    I know of another. That everyone, but one person, has left. [ECM]

    Which now sent out  a letter about getting funded for $6M.

    So, not sure what’s going on there!

    ( I also saw many parties at ASW that were usually big. Scaled down or non-existent. So… MORE to come!)

    Seems like instead of networks making sure the affiliate is legit. Affiliates need to check the financial structure, business plan and credit worthiness of the network or get a rude awakening. [talk about turning the tables!]

    I really hate to see this happen, since I know being in the middle and a brokerage firm is NEVER easy.

    Many affiliates want to blame the networks when many times they need to see past that and to the offer.

    Good Luck to those surviving.

    Anyone want to place bets on the next one or ten to fall? (Vegas or Monte Carlo ONLY!)


    as always and with more evidence every day

    Trust No One!

    btw. if you have not swung by or Check them out. They make me look tame and sedate :)

    Oh one more thing. I would encrypt those referrers, targets and creatives. Especially,  if they have an ‘internal team’ Let them spend their OWN money testing . NOT YOURS!

    NOTE: Pinnacle Media was wrongfully in this article before. I went off a trusted source and found out later that was in error. Sorry Guys, but I’m here to protect the affiliates NOT the networks. It was NOT intentional and accidents happen. Next time there is an error COMMENT or contact me. I do my best to get accurate information, but even the NYT has to re-tract statements. I hope you understand.

  • How NOT to be a guru and train.

    Posted on March 9th, 2011 imveritas No comments

    There is so much wrong with this I dont even know where to start.

    WSJ law blog – Amish Shah and Digispace Lawsuit

    Bad guru, Bad guru. NO COOKIE {stuffing} or CYBER {squatting} for you!

    and stop telling people you are selling your network because the ‘margins are too thin.’

    Admit it. You NEED legal fee’s.

    All those people that supported and promoted him. Stop acting like you never did!

    There is not ONE post on about this from ANYONE!

    (wicked-fire doesnt count)


    Nickycakes, barman and all the rest who like to speak up.



    [My thanks for mike c. for bringing this to my attention]


    trust no one and get legal council from 3 different sources!

  • The Content Channel Wars have started !

    Posted on March 8th, 2011 imveritas No comments

    I’m going to make this brief and come back later for more detail and insight.

    Today Warner Brothers announced that there next movie and content WILL NOT  be available on NetFlix, but through FACEBOOK!

    Think about that.

    That mean’s that some companies will be the content creators and other will be the distribution channels. With the relations changing based on viewer base size and value.

    Who ever creates the most value  IE:  google, angry birds, facebook, two and half men.

    Will be the ones charging premium ad placement.

    Tablet platforms and smartphones accelerate this even more.

    Like I said. More to come on this topic

  • Win your own SUPER BOWL of Affiliate Marketing

    Posted on February 6th, 2011 imveritas No comments

    This is a short and sudden post.

    I know most are watching the superbowl right now.


    If  you have ever wanted to get the inside scoop & spy on display ads and contextual.

    Go to this link: Display Spy Tool RIGHT NOW!

    Even if you miss the special price. It will be worth it for you to check this out.

    I will go into more detail later and possible have an interview with the creator.

    For now. Consider this your “Hail Mary” Pass to success in online ads.


    Trust No One.